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Yes, this DA is dead, I decided to keep it up for it holds old art files I no longer have and for personal memories. I did however move things to storage because It seemed very silly to let these old drawings I'm beyond stay up. Eventually I plan to save all my old files and then delete this DA.

eximelove was a name I made up for myself in middle school, however it no longer fits who I am now. I had a good time the few years I was on this site. No worries I am still drawing, and quite happy.

If you wish to know where I am please message me here.

All is well! Goodbye!

-eximelove 2017
    I think it is about time I said something If it was not painfully obvious I do not use this DA. The art here is old, really old and scary for me personally to look at sometimes haha. I mean technically its been some time after 3 years honestly I only put up sketches and never even bothered to put up my paintings and other stuff from 2013 prior. So this DA for me is much like a phase in my life. I really appreciated having it cause it was the first online/social media related 'thing' I signed up for. But since this site I have really changed. I joined around late middle school or really early high school and stopped posting in 11th grade I think. I keep this site because I love seeing who I was, and gosh how far I have come. I do check this site because there are good artists on here and I don't have an interest in using this site right now. I do technically have a new DA but I haven't used it yet cause of said reasons. 

    All and all I wanted to make an official post why I left because I always thought it was rude I never said anything. Okay so I was mostly anti motivated to post stuff I just was more focused on my actual artwork, the stuff I didn't ever post. I was not as confident as I am now. And I did not have my own computer for years, which is actually unbelievable (I didn't have my own computer until I went to college). It made it hard to keep up with things and now I don't want to be attached to the name eximelove because it was name I invented for myself in middle school.

    With these reasons I finish this post. Thanks to anyone who commented and supported me back then! I still draw actually I draw way more then I ever did in high school. I'm currently in college getting my art degree! and Getting closer to my dream, hopefully one day I come back to this site even stronger then I am now! Thank you DA as well, hopefully I will use you again another time! 

    To find me private message me here  and I will gladly give you my new info. Don't be afraid to ask if you ever want it! I still will occasionally check in on here! (I might in the future link to all my new sources)

ps:I don't use my eximeknight tumblr anymore either, I have a new tumblr.

Wish me luck! 
-eximelove out


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ermagerd thankyou so much for faving my manga i appreciate the support!!!!!
btw keep up the good work i also want to be an illustrator and as long as you hold that dream adn work hard im sure you will do great things !
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Thanks for the fav on Winry Rockbell - Searching by RomaiLee (^_^)

If you're interested please follow my work as a cosplayer here:

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